9 Best Islamic Books to Read [Updated 2024]

Are you ready to go on an exciting adventure and discover some amazing books about Islam? These books are not ordinary. They are full of great stories, useful lessons, and beautiful teachings. These are from the Quran and the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I have read many wonderful Islamic books. But, there are nine special ones that I think every Muslim child should know about. These books will take you through the history of Islam. They will teach you about important beliefs and values. They will inspire you to be your best.

You will learn about the brave women companions of the Prophet. You will also learn about the qualities that make a great leader. These books cover many fascinating topics. And the best part? They explain everything in a simple and fun way that kids like you can easily understand and enjoy.

Get ready to meet some amazing people from Islamic history. You will discover exciting stories from the past. And, you will learn valuable lessons that will stay with you forever. Let’s dive into the 9 best Islamic books every child should read!

How to Choose the Best Islamic Books?

Islamic Books Are Great!

Do you like to read books? Reading books is fun and good for learning new things. There are many wonderful Islamic books you can read too!

Choosing the right Islamic book depends on your current understanding and what you hope to gain from your reading.

Here are some factors to consider:

Your Level of Knowledge:

  • Beginner: If you’re new to Islam, start with foundational texts about the core beliefs and practices. Look for books about Tawhid (oneness of God), the pillars of Islam, and the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • Intermediate: Once you have a basic understanding, delve deeper into specific topics like Islamic jurisprudence, tafseer (Quran commentary), or hadiths (sayings of the Prophet).

Your Interests:

  • Quran: Many resources are available to explore the Quran, like tafseers for in-depth analysis or thematic studies on specific surahs (chapters).
  • Seerah (Biography of the Prophet): You can find biographies that explore the Prophet’s life chronologically or focus on specific aspects like his leadership or teachings.
  • Islamic Law and Practice: There are many resources on Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) covering various topics like daily life, worship, and social interactions.

Remember, the most important factor is to choose a book that is well-regarded, easy to understand, and will increase your knowledge and love for Islam.

9 Best Islamic Books to Must Read

Islamic books teach us about Allah, the one true God. They tell stories from the Quran, the holy book of Islam. The Quran has lessons that guide Muslims in how to live a good life.

Some Islamic books talk about the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He was the last prophet sent by Allah. The Prophet taught people to be kind, honest, and helpful. Reading about his life can inspire us to be better people.

Other Islamic books explain the five pillars of Islam. These are the most important practices for Muslims. They include saying the shahada (declaration of faith), praying five times a day, fasting during Ramadan, giving charity, and going for Hajj pilgrimage if possible.

Islamic history books describe how Islam spread around the world. Muslim scholars, scientists and explorers are also covered. Their discoveries and inventions have benefited everyone.

Islamic storybooks have fun tales with morals about sharing, respecting elders, being thankful and more. The characters show good Muslim values through their words and deeds.

There are many colorful picture books too! They have nice illustrations that make the stories more exciting to read.

No matter what Islamic book you pick, you are sure to learn something new and interesting! Reading good books pleases Allah. He wants us to gain knowledge. So grab an Islamic book and start reading today!

1. The Study Quran

The Study Quran Books
The Study Quran

The Study Quran is a huge work. It offers a thorough exploration of the Holy Quran. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, an esteemed Islamic scholar, edited this volume. It contains a fresh and accurate translation of the Quran. The translation comes with many study notes. It also has introductions by experts and much scholarly commentary. The commentary is from traditional Islamic sources, including Sunni and Shia perspectives.

One of the key strengths of this work is its accessibility to both scholars and lay readers. The translation is clear and easy to understand. The commentary covers the context of the verses. It delves into the theological, metaphysical, historical, and geographical contexts. It provides a rich understanding of the text. The layout has two columns. The Arabic text is on one side. The English translation and commentary are on the other. It is easy to follow and cross-reference.

The contributors did a great job. They presented the diverse views that have shaped people’s understanding of the Quran. The study notes offer a lot of information. They cover grammar, legal teachings, and rituals. They also cover ethics, theology, sacred history, and the meaning of passages in Muslim life.

This book includes essays by 15 contributors, maps, a timeline of events, and helpful indices. They add to the value of this volume, making it a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in the study of the Quran.

The Study Quran is a remarkable achievement. It represents the end of years of scholarly work. It also shows a commitment to making the Quran accessible to more people. Its depth, breadth, and attention to detail make it invaluable for students and scholars. It’s also great for anyone seeking to understand one of the world’s most influential religious texts.

Why should you read The Study Quran?

  1. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Quran from multiple traditional Islamic perspectives.
  2. To explore the context the shaped the interpretation of the Quran. This includes the theological, metaphysical, historical, and geographical contexts.
  3. To appreciate the rich legacy of Islamic scholarship, we must understand the diverse interpretations that have emerged over centuries.
  4. To deepen your knowledge of Islamic teachings, ethics, rituals, and the significance of various passages in Muslim life.
  5. You will benefit from the expertise of famous Islamic scholars. They have insights into the Quran’s deep spiritual and intellectual aspects.

2. The Book Of Manners

It is “The Book of Manners.” It is a complete and priceless guide. It covers Islamic etiquette and moral conduct. Fu’ad Ibn Ash-Shulhoob, a esteemed scholar, wrote this book. It offers lots of knowledge and practical advice. It’s about how to live in line with Islam’s teachings.

This book is remarkable. It covers manners and etiquette extensively. It covers topics such as proper behavior in social interactions. It also covers ethical conduct in personal and professional life. Finally, it covers the importance of cultivating virtues. These include kindness, humility, and patience.

The author draws upon the Quran and the Sunnah. The Sunnah is the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. They also use the wisdom of famous Islamic scholars. This provides a full understanding of the subject.

The book is well-organized. It is easy to navigate and find topics readers want. Each chapter is about a particular aspect of manners. For example, manners related to eating, dressing, and greeting others. The author writes clearly. Their style is concise. This ensures the message is conveyed well.

What sets “The Book of Manners” apart is its practical applicability. It explains Islamic etiquette theory. It also gives real-life examples. They show how to apply these principles in daily life. This makes the book valuable for all ages and backgrounds. It is useful, no matter their knowledge or familiarity with Islamic teachings.

Overall, “The Book of Manners” is vital for any Muslim’s library. It’s also useful for anyone interested in learning about Islamic ethics and values. It is a guide for building good character. It is a guide for living with dignity, respect, and moral integrity.

Why should you read The Book Of Manners?

  1. To gain a comprehensive understanding of Islamic etiquette and moral conduct.
  2. To learn practical ways of applying Islamic teachings on manners in your daily life.
  3. To develop virtues, like kindness, humility, and patience. These are essential for a fulfilling life.
  4. To deepen your knowledge of the Quran, Sunnah, and the wisdom of Islamic scholars. They all concern manners.
  5. To cultivate good character and moral integrity. These qualities are highly valued in Islam and in society.

3. Don’t Be Sad

Don’t Be Sad” is a wonderful book that teaches us how to stay happy and positive, even when life gets tough. The book was written by the famous Muslim author Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni. It is like a warm hug from a caring friend.

The author shares many wise words from the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). They help us understand why we feel sad at times. He explains that sadness is a natural feeling, but we should not let it bring us down for too long.

The book uses simple language and funny stories. It shows us how to replace sadness with hope, gratitude, and trust in Allah. It reminds us to count our blessings, be kind to others, and always remember that Allah has a plan for us.

One of the best things about “Don’t Be Sad” is that it gives us practical tips and solutions for dealing with sadness. For example, it suggests making du’a (prayer) to Allah. It also says to spend time with loved ones and to help those in need.

This book is like a ray of sunshine. It reminds us that even on dark days, there is always a reason to smile and be thankful.

Some interesting facts:

  • Over 1 million copies sold worldwide!
  • Translated into more than 20 languages.
  • Won the prestigious “Book of the Year” award in the UAE.

Why should you read Don’t Be Sad?

  1. To learn how to stay positive and happy, even when facing difficulties.
  2. To understand why we feel sad sometimes and how Islam helps us deal with sadness.
  3. You will gain practical tips for overcoming sadness. They are based on the Quran and Sunnah.
  4. To be inspired by the author’s wise words and funny stories.
  5. To remember the blessings in your life and the reasons to be grateful.

4. Great Women of Islam

Great Women of Islam” is a fascinating book. It tells the inspiring stories of the Mothers of the Believers and 16 other amazing women. They were companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The book is written in a simple and engaging style. It brings to life the noble characters and remarkable lives of these women. Each story is filled with valuable lessons. They are about faith, courage, and devotion to Allah. They span from Khadijah, the first wife of the Prophet, to Aisha, the beloved wife and scholar.

The author beautifully highlights the virtues of these women. They include patience, humility, and generosity. We learn about their sacrifices, struggles, and unyielding belief in Islam. This is a powerful example for all believers. It’s especially so for young Muslim girls and women.

This book is great because it shows us how these women played key roles in early Islam. They supported the Prophet and his mission with their wisdom, strength, and loyalty.

Great Women of Islam” is a must-read. It is for anyone who wants to learn about the remarkable women. They shaped the history of Islam. They left a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Some interesting facts:

  • Over 100,000 copies sold globally.
  • Available in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, and Urdu.
  • Winner of the “Best Islamic Book” award in Pakistan.

Why should you read Great Women of Islam?

  1. Learn about the inspiring lives and stories of the Mothers of the Believers. Also, learn about other amazing women who were companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  2. To gain valuable lessons about faith, courage, patience, and devotion to Allah from the examples of these great women.
  3. To understand the crucial roles played by women in the early days of Islam and their contributions to the faith.
  4. To be inspired by the virtues and noble characters of these women, such as their humility, generosity, and unwavering belief.
  5. To appreciate the lasting legacy and impact of these great women on the history and teachings of Islam.

5. Reclaim Your Heart

Reclaim Your Heart” is a special book that teaches us how to stay strong and positive, even when life gets hard. Written by the wise author Yasmin Mogahed, it’s like a warm hug for our hearts.

The book explains that our hearts can sometimes feel sad or hurt, just like our bodies can get sick. But it also shows us ways to heal our hearts and make them feel better again.

Yasmin Mogahed uses simple words and beautiful stories. She reminds us that, no matter what happens, we should never lose hope. She tells us to always trust in Allah and remember that He has a plan for us.

One of the best things about this book is that it helps us understand our feelings better. It teaches us how to deal with sadness, anger, or disappointment in a healthy way. It does so without letting these emotions control us.

Reclaim Your Heart” is a great guide. It’s for anyone who wants to live a happier and more peaceful life. It’s guided by the wisdom of Islam.

Some interesting facts:

  • One of the best-selling Islamic books of all time.
  • Translated into multiple languages and read worldwide.
  • Praised by scholars and readers alike for its profound insights and practical advice.

Why should you read Reclaim Your Heart?

  1. To learn how to heal your heart and find inner peace, even when faced with challenges.
  2. To understand your emotions better and learn healthy ways to deal with them.
  3. To be inspired by the author’s wise words and beautiful stories about hope, trust, and faith in Allah.
  4. To get practical advice, live a happier life. It’s guided by the teachings of Islam.
  5. Join the millions of readers worldwide. They have found comfort and guidance in this best-selling Islamic book.

6. The Ideal Muslim

The Ideal Muslim Book
The Ideal Muslim Book

The Ideal Muslim” is a wonderful book that teaches us how to be the best Muslims we can be. Muhammad ‘Ali Hashimi wrote it. It’s like a friendly guide to pleasing Allah.

The book explains the qualities and behaviors of a true Muslim. They should be kind, honest, and helpful to others. It shows us how to follow the Quran’s teachings. We should also follow the example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in our daily lives.

The author uses simple language and interesting examples. They help us understand key Islamic values, like patience, humility, and gratitude. He also gives us practical advice on how to develop good habits and stay away from bad ones.

This book reminds us that being a good Muslim isn’t just about rules. It’s also about a pure heart and good intentions.

Overall, “The Ideal Muslim” is a great book. It is for anyone who wants to learn about Islam and how to become a better person, pleasing to Allah.

Some interesting facts:

  • Translated into multiple languages and read by Muslims all over the world.
  • Praised by scholars for its clear and authentic teachings.
  • Considered one of the best Islamic books for children and young adults.

Why should you read The Ideal Muslim?

  1. To learn about the qualities and behaviors that define a true Muslim.
  2. To understand important Islamic values like kindness, honesty, and patience.
  3. To gain practical advice on developing good habits and avoiding bad ones.
  4. To be inspired by the author’s wisdom and learn how to please Allah in your daily life.
  5. To join the many readers worldwide who have benefited from this classic Islamic book.

7. Islam: Beliefs and Teachings

Islam: Beliefs and Teachings” is an excellent book. It explains the beautiful religion of Islam in a simple way. Ghulam Sarwar wrote this book. It is perfect for young Muslims, new Muslims, and anyone who wants to learn about Islam.

The author covers all the key topics well. These include the basic beliefs, the Five Pillars, and the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The explanations are clear and straightforward, making it easy for readers of all ages to understand.

This book is great because it is well-organized. It also has beautiful pictures and diagrams with many colors. This makes learning about Islam not just informative but also enjoyable and engaging.

The book also includes stories and examples. They reinforce the lessons and make them relatable to the reader’s daily life.

Overall, ‘Islam: Beliefs and Teachings‘ is a great resource. It gives a complete introduction to Islam. It’s user-friendly and affordable.

Some interesting facts:

  • One of the best-selling books on Islam worldwide, with over 196,000 copies printed.
  • Used as a standard text in many schools and Islamic centers.
  • Praised for its clear and concise explanations of Islamic beliefs and practices.

Why should you read Islam: Beliefs and Teachings?

  1. To learn about the basic beliefs and teachings of Islam in a simple and easy-to-understand way.
  2. It is suitable for young Muslims, new Muslims, and non-Muslims. It is a comprehensive introduction to the Islamic faith.
  3. You will enjoy the beautiful illustrations and well-organized format. They make learning about Islam engaging and enjoyable.
  4. To benefit from the author’s clear explanations and relatable examples that bring the teachings to life.
  5. Join the hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide. They have learned about Islam through this popular and well-respected Islamic book.

8. The Daily Revival

The Daily Revival Book
The Daily Revival

The Daily Revival” is a great Islamic book. It offers a fresh view on adding worship and good deeds to our daily routines. Ali Hammuda wrote this book. It is a collection of 40 short and heartwarming reminders. They will inspire and motivate readers of all ages.

The book has a strength. It helps us see the many chances for worship and growth. They are all around us in our daily lives. The acts include leaving the house or attending meetings.

There are also more profound moments, like setting up a mosque at home or preparing for the afterlife. The author skillfully guides us. They teach us to turn our ordinary routines into a continuous journey of faith and devotion.

The reminders are written in a clear and engaging style, making them easy to understand and relate to. Each reminder is followed by practical examples and anecdotes. They bring the teachings to life. They let readers easily apply them to their own lives.

Overall, “The Daily Revival” is a well-crafted book. It encourages us to embrace gratitude, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. It does this regardless of our circumstances.

Some interesting facts:

  • A popular Islamic book, with thousands of copies sold worldwide.
  • Praised for its practical and accessible approach to incorporating acts of worship into daily life.
  • It focuses on reviving the reader’s faith in Allah. This is done through simple, everyday actions.

Why should you read The Daily Revival?

  1. To learn how to transform your daily routines into opportunities for worship and spiritual growth.
  2. To gain practical insights and reminders that will inspire you to cultivate a more mindful and faithful lifestyle.
  3. Read the author’s engaging writing style. They use relatable examples that make the teachings easy to understand and apply.
  4. To revive your connection with Allah. Do so by nurturing your faith through simple, everyday actions.
  5. To join the many readers who have found inspiration and guidance in this popular Islamic book.

9. Muhammad (s): 11 Leadership Qualities that Changed the World

Muhammad 11 Leadership Qualities
11 Leadership Qualities

This book explores the great leadership of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). His leadership qualities helped him change the world. It has 11 chapters. Each one focuses on a different quality, like wisdom, courage, or kindness, that the Prophet showed in his life.

Muhammad (s): 11 Leadership Qualities That Changed the World” is a special book. It teaches us about the great leader Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The author shares interesting stories from the Prophet’s life to show how he was a wise, brave, and caring leader.

The book uses simple words and colorful examples. It explains important leadership traits, like being humble, patient, and forgiving. It helps us understand how the Prophet treated people with kindness and respect, even his enemies.

This book is great because it tells us about the Prophet’s leadership. It also encourages us to develop those same qualities in our own lives.

This book is fun and inspiring. It is for children and young readers. They can learn valuable lessons from the supreme example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Why should you read Muhammad (s)?

  1. Discover the amazing leadership skills of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Learn through engaging stories.
  2. To learn important leadership qualities like wisdom, courage, and compassion in a simple way.
  3. To understand how the Prophet treated everyone with kindness and respect.
  4. To be inspired to develop great leadership qualities in your own life.
  5. To have fun while learning from the best leader and role model for all times.


Let’s wrap up this whirlwind literary tour of monumental Islamic works by tackling some frequently asked questions for easy reference:

What is the most widely read book by Muslims?

Why, the Holy Quran of course! As the central Islamic scripture believed to be God’s literal word revealed to Prophet Muhammad, this Arabic text provides the foundation of Muslim spirituality, belief, and practice.

Which Muslim scholar wrote the Muqaddimah?

The great 14th century Arab sociologist and philosopher Ibn Khaldun penned the groundbreaking work Al-Muqaddimah covering his pioneering theories of historiography and societal development.

What are the 4 most authentic Hadith collections?

The most definitive Hadith collections deemed rigorously authenticated are:

  1. Sahih al-Bukhari by Muhammad al-Bukhari
  2. Sahih Muslim by Muslim al-Naysaburi
  3. Sunan an-Nasa’i by Ahmad an-Nasa’i
  4. Jami at-Tirmidhi by Muhammad at-Tirmidhi

What are the major themes of the Quran?

Some essential Quranic themes include:

  • Nature and oneness of God
  • Lives and lessons of the Prophets of Islam
  • Importance of spiritual worship and ethical behavior
  • Maintaining morality, justice and social welfare
  • Unity of mankind


And there you have it. A whirlwind tour of some of the most meaningful and influential Islamic books. They span scripture, prophetic history, theological philosophy, and spiritual guidance!

The Quran’s verses describe mankind’s relationship with the Divine. The records of the Prophet Muhammad’s example are also included. Philosopher’s critiques wrestle with Islamic creed and reason. Manuals revive the soul through spiritual wayfaring. These texts nurture the Muslim intellectual, moral, and spiritual landscape.

I hope this primer on important Islamic works motivates you. It should inspire you to start exploring their treasure troves of timeless teachings! There is an ocean of profound wisdom awaiting to revive hearts and minds. šŸ˜Šļø

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